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Social Media/Website Audit

Your website and social media channels are your digital shop windows, so it’s really important to make a fabulous first impression.

I will provide you with my recommendations to make your online presence be the best it can be.
£15 per platform
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Social Media Power Hours

What would you like your social media to do for you? 

These channels are great places to start conversations and interact with potential new audiences as well as those who already shop with you.

 • Instagram – have you heard about hashtags, stories, a bio or highlights but don’t know where to start? Would you like to make your writing more accessible?

• Facebook – are you sharing your great work to your local networks? Does your page give a great first impression?

• Twitter – this platform is all about hashtags and communicating with other people in your local area and industry network. We’ll have a look at what you’re posting, when and how, along with who you’re following and who’s following you

• LinkedIn – this is a great place to collaborate with other like-minded people (consumers and other business owners)
£30 per hour
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You’ve put your heart and soul into a piece of work – a thesis, a novel, a website, a tender document – but not sure on the grammar or spelling? 

Never fear – Steph is here!

I will read your work and make tracked changes with suggestions for grammatical changes, American-British spelling, typos and the general layout.

£10 per 1000 words
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